Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How I Let my Employer Know I Have CF

I was very discrete and private about CF for a long time. I didn't start blogging until 2 years ago which was after I had already gotten a job. You'll notice that my last name does not appear on my blog, nor does my location. That affords me just enough privacy.

Don't think I haven't weighed it heavily about how and when to disclose CF to my employer. When I was being considered for the position (I started as a temp) I was up front with my supervisor and explained that I have CF. I also explained that although there are times when it slows me down, there is no part of my job that I am UNABLE to do because of it. The company I work for is HUGE (44,000 employees worldwide) and I'm a very small fish. I'm an environmental scientist working as a consultant, which is very flexible. I chose that job because I knew it would be the ideal situation for me with CF. This have proven to be a very good fit both for me and my employer.

My supervisor knows that when I'm in the office, he can count on me to give my utmost effort. My work ethic is outstanding (according to my last performance review) and I have a lot to contribute. My work speaks for itself, and I have a great deal of job security.

It's no secret to the people in my office that I have CF. There are others in our group who have other health issues (MS for example) and they have been there longer than I have. Basically, the company is great because it offers so much flexibility. The benefits are phenomenal too. I am even able to get life insurance (WOW!) up to a certain $ amount without a medical exam.

It's far more likely that I would resign from my job before I'd be terminated. In fact, I'm thinking I may only be there for 4 more years. If I were terminated, my husband and I have a safety net in place. (I won't bore you with the details) but suffice to say, we've got all the angles covered. I am also a professional freelance writer. That's ramping up to be a more full-time gig in the next year or so.

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