Friday, May 9, 2008

Hill-Burton Helps CF Families Needing Reduced Cost or No-Cost Medical Care

Living with cystic fibrosis takes its toll on a person's stamina, mental well-being, and almost always the family's finances. By applying through the United States' Department of Health and Human Services, families who are struggling to handle the heavy financial burden of cystic fibrosis can qualify for low-cost or no cost medical services as provided by certain hospitals that are contracted with Hill-Burton.

Although the application has very specific parameters, it's at least worth looking into. Extensive medical services to treat cystic fibrosis are hard to find, the list below may help you identify a Hill-Burton obligated facility in your area. You may apply for coverage before, after or during the time you are receiving health care.

Services that are applicable for cystic fibrosis patients and their families include newborn screening tests, and other lab work. Some facilities can provide home health care, such as home infusion therapy. Eligibility depends primarily on household income.

Unfortunately, there are no Hill-Burton obligated facilities in the following states:

  • Indiana
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • Rhode Island
  • Utah
  • Wyoming

Steps to Apply for Hill-Burton Free or reduced-cost Care

  1. Find the Hill-Burton obligated facility nearest you from the list of Hill-Burton obligated facilities.
  2. Go to the facility's admissions or business office and ask for a copy of the Hill-Burton Individual Notice. The Individual Notice will tell you what income level makes you eligible for free or reduced-cost care, what services might be covered, and exactly where in the facility to apply.
  3. Go to the office listed in the Individual Notice and say you want to apply for Hill-Burton free or reduced-cost care. You may need to fill out a form.
  4. Gather any other required documents (such as a pay stub to prove income eligibility) and take or send them to the obligated facility.
  5. If you are asked to apply for Medicaid, Medicare, or some other financial assistance program, you must do so.
  6. When you return the completed application, ask for a Determination of Eligibility. Check the Individual Notice to see how much time the facility has before it must tell you whether or not you will receive free or reduced-cost care.
For more information, please check out the Hill-Burton fact sheet and FAQ

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